Ultimate Guide: Shiba Inu Puppies

Cute and fox-like in stature, the distinctive shiba inu puppy can invariably get heaps of attention. tho’ cuddly, National Geographic found that the shiba is that the most the same as wolves, additional therefore than most dog breeds combined!

Qualitative analysis back to 6000 B.C. in rural Japan, Shibas are called one in all the oldest breeds within the world. regarding the big breeds akitas and Siberian huskies, the shiba inu is the tinyest of the Japanese native breeds. They were bred for searching small animals. With a heightened sense of smell and keen eyesight, this breed will scope prey simply within the copse of Japan’s dense forest floor associated enter for the hunt.

When war II, shiba inus virtually went extinct. however after the time period reparations, shibas are currently Japan’s preferred companion animal and create endearing shopkeepers.

The earliest observance of a shiba in the U.S. country|North yank nation} was in 1954, probably from an American soldier taking one home for his or her family. because the decades went on, the shiba’s quality increased. The shiba inu was formally registered in the American Kennel Association (AKC) in the 90s. 

Shiba inu puppy facts

Currently shiba inus are a family name. They’re a part of our pop-culture with the acculturation “Doge” and create astonishingly loyal companions. Here are some facts concerning the shiba inu:


Small. Adults reach a height of 14.5-16.5 inches for males, 13.5-15.5 inches for females. Males weigh twenty three pounds, and females weigh seventeen pounds. 

Breed Characteristics 

This fox-like dog was originally bred to be a hunter and has keen senses of sight and smell. Muscular in nature, shiba’s have recessed dark eyes and alert triangular ears. The shiba incorporates a soft double coat that’s usually honey or tan on the highest of their back and white on their abdomen and neck. they will conjointly are available in red or black varieties. With the signature permed tail (also called a curved  tail) a shiba could be a smart looking, active dog.


Shiba’s were solely dropped at the U.S.A. a bit over sixty years ago. They’re assured and crammed with energy, however don’t would like constant attention. They do, however, like to hunt. ensure you retain your shiba inu on a leash or during a gated space otherwise they could get hyper-focused and run out the door. Shiba Inu’s are renowned for his or her one-of-a-kind communication style. 

Grooming and Health wants 

With their thick double coat, the shiba inu was born to shed. they need major shedding seasons doubly a year that may last months at a time. Shibas don’t got to be frequently brushed unless they have a extended coat, however brushing throughout shedding season will facilitate minimize the number of hair you discover in your home. professional hands and fingernails care is vital and may be done once the shiba could be a puppy so that they get wont to it.

Shibas are vulnerable to skin allergies. employing a blowdryer or a store vacuum over the dog’s fur helps get obviate dirt, dandruff, and fleas. once obtaining your shiba puppy, make certain to raise the stock farmer if they’ve been checked for any eye issues, hip dysplasia, and patella luxation. 


Shiba’s are ill-famed escape artists. no matter training, when a shiba sees a chance to escape, they’ll take it. ensure they’re invariably leashed or during a blocked off area if they’re coming together with alternative dogs. Interestingly, shiba’s are simply housebroken. inside a few of weeks, shiba puppies learn to travel to the toilet outside. 

Energy state 

Shiba inus are energetic, however not most that they have constant exercise. they ought to be walked daily, and revel in regular indoor leisure time to curb a number of their enthusiasm. Some suffer from separation anxiety, therefore make certain to own many playtime before and when work.


Shiba inus live between 13-16 years on average.

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